About me

Hey, I'm Eevee, but you can just call me Eve :)

I'm a bored artist who is currently trapped in ndrv3 hell. I use clip studio paint to draw and I have written a fanfic

which you can read on both wattpad and ao3. Please DO NOT repost or use my art, thank you.

I have other interests (surprising I know), those being:
The Backrooms (Liminal Spaces)
Genshin Impact (Hu Tao/Venti main)
Honkai Impact (HotV main rn, future Senti main)
Neko Atsume
But I'm not nearly as fixated on them as ndrv3 wheez

Feel free to come and talk with meeee I love making new friends! My discord is wevee#1938 if you're interested.